Katherine Ding

Katherine Ding

People's Cafe (61 Shattuck Ave)
Fall 2018: Monday 12:30-1:30 and by appointment


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

"The Legible Face and the Illegible Body: Face-work in Lichtenberg, Haywood, and Garrick." Forthcoming in English Literary History.

" 'Searching After the Splendid Nothing': Gothic Epistemology and the Rise of Fictionality." English Literary History. (70.2).

Review of Sarah Kareem’s Eighteenth Century Fiction and the Reinvention of Wonder for British Association for the Study of Romanticism Review 47 (spring 2016): http://www.bars.ac.uk/review/index.php/barsreview/article/view/168/465


Recent English Courses Taught

Fall, 2018
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
17/102 (discussion) Shakespeare
17/104 (discussion) Shakespeare Shakespeare
Spring, 2018
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
R1B/8 Reading and Composition: Sympathy and Identification "After" the Affective Turn Reading and Composition
Fall, 2017
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
45B/103 (discussion) Literature in English: Late-17th Through Mid-19th Centuries Introductory Surveys

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