Berkeley English Lecturers

Spencer Strub

Professional Statement

I’m a medievalist. My academic research focuses on the convergence of ethics, aesthetics, and emotion in Middle English poetry and religious writing. But my writing and teaching also address lessons that the Middle Ages can offer modernity: lessons in enduring crisis, confronting and overcoming the limits to our agency, and imagining different modes of social organization and belonging. 

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

Recent public writing

Illness and Crisis, from Medieval Plague Tracts to Covid-19.” New York Review of Books Daily, March 25, 2020.

Recent journal articles

Oaths and Everyday Life in Peter Idley’s Instructions,” Journal of English and Germanic Philology 119.2 (2020): 190-219.

Learning from Shame,” Yearbook of Langland Studies 32 (2018): 37-75

The Idle Readers of Piers Plowman in Print,” New Medieval Literatures 17 (2017): 201-36

English Department Classes