Hannah Kathryn Ehrlinspiel

Hannah Kathryn Ehrlinspiel


Professional Statement

Ask me about psychoanalysis and your dad.


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

Papers Delivered:

"Class and Neoclassicism." Combating White Supremacy: Perspectives and Provocations, December 2017 (Berkeley, CA).

"Towards a Psychopathology of the 'Cuck.'" That Thing You Like is Bad: Critical Seminar Series, April 2017 (Berkeley, CA). Co-authored and presented with Andrew Key.


Recent English Courses Taught

Spring, 2018
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
117S/101 (discussion) Shakespeare Shakespeare
117S/102 (discussion) Shakespeare Shakespeare
Fall, 2017
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
170/102 (discussion) Literature and the Arts Special Topics

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