Berkeley English Graduate Students

Atti Viragh

Atti Viragh

Ph.D. Candidate

By appointment

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

“The Grammar of Instress: Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Victorian Philosophers of Mind.” New Literary History, 51.3 (forthcoming; 2019 Ralph Cohen Prize recipient)

“Can the Vampire Speak? Dracula as Discourse on Cultural Extinction.” English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920, 56.2 (2013): 231-245.

Miklós Radnóti (translations), Metamorphoses: A Journal of Literary Translation, 21.2 (2013): 120-123.

Panels Organized

“Poetry and the Return of ‘Lived Experience'’” 
Roundtable: Virginia Jackson, Vincent Sherry, Robert Kaufman, Elisabeth Joyce, Glenn Fetzer
MLA Annual Convention, Seattle, 2020
"Mind and Embodiment in Late Victorian Art and Literature" (co-organizer, with Marion Thain)
American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Chicago, 2020
Papers Presented
“Low Modernism and High Decadence: Pound’s Imaginary Letters and Pater’s Imaginary Portraits
British Association for Modernist Studies, London, 2019 

“‘Ground of Being’: Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Rise of Phenomenology” 
International Network for the Study of Lyric, Lausanne, 2019 

"Wundt, Dilthey and Hopkins: “New Realism” and the “Rhythms of Consciousness”  
Interdisciplinary German Studies Conference, Berkeley, 2019

"Nuancing Nuance: Materiality, Expression, and Walter Pater’s Poetics”
Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Supernumerary Conference, Rome, 2018

"The Decadent Lyric at the Edge of Modernism” 
American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Los Angeles, 2018

“‘A Tantalus Agony’: Meynell, Archer, and the Aesthetics of Tangibility in Late Victorian Poetry”
American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Utrecht, 2017 

“Intimacy in the Aesthetics of Walter Pater”
 American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Boston, 2016 

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