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Jane Hu

Professional Statement

My scholarship is rooted in Marxist theory and aesthetic theory, examining the rise of Asian Anglophone popular media in the post-1970s era of US economic decline and East Asian economic ascendance. Titled Generic Asians: Sensation and the Surplus Body in Anglophone Popular Culture, my dissertation traces the contemporary afterlife of 19th-century imperial genre fiction--as it's traveled from the British empire to the American century and is now increasingly recaptured by an emergent Asian diasporic power. The project broadly seeks to conceptualize contemporary Orientalism anew, challenging what—and who—now constitutes the “Anglophone” in an age characterized by the progressive globalization of mass media and diversification of English literary studies. 

I am an AAUW and Townsend Fellow for the 2020-2021 academic year, and currently co-organize the Townsend-funded "Interdisciplinary Marxism Working Group" with Angus Reid and Claire Grossman.

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

Peer Reviewed

“Typical Japanese: Kazuo Ishiguro and the Asian Anglophone Historical Novel.” Modern Fiction Studies (forthcoming)  

“Orientalism Redux.” Victorian Studies special issue on Critical Race Theory (62.3), 2020

War in the Time of Genre.” Modernism/modernity Print Plus (5.2), 2020

"Interception as mediation in A World of Love." Textual Practice (27.7), 2013


Public Writing

The Second Act of Social-Media Activism.” The New Yorker website, 3 Aug 2020  

Race and Romantic Realism.” Sally Rooney cluster for Post45 Contemporaries, 15 Jun 2020  

Cathy Park Hong's personal history of Asian America.” The Nation, 18 May 2020  

The Revolution of Everyday Life.” Review of Caleb Crain’s Overthrow, Bookforum, Fall 2019

Suspicious Minds: Wilkie Collins and the first detective novel.” Bookforum, Summer 2019

Sally Rooney’s Great Millennial Novels.” The Ringer, 16 Apr 2019

The Office at the End of the World.” Review of Ling Ma’s Severance, The New Republic, 23 Oct 2018

The ‘Inscrutable’ Voices of Asian-Anglophone Fiction.” The New Yorker website, 15 Nov 2017

Between Us: A Queer Theorist’s Devoted Husband and Enduring Legacy.” The New Yorker website, 9 Dec 2015  


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