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Sarah Sands Rice

Sarah Sands Rice

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

"Imagination as a Biological Force." Panel: "Milton and Materiality." International Milton Symposium. Strasbourg, France. 2019.

"Perverse Sights: Dissection in 'Tis Pity She's a Whore." Seminar: "Invisible Presences." Shakespeare Association of America Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C. 2019.

"The Poetics of Anatomy in Henry Power's 'Microscopicall Observations.'" Panel: "The Science and Poetics of Sight." Society for Renaissance Studies Eighth Biennial Conference. Sheffield, England. 2018.

"'To Thy Mother Dead Attest': Legal Rhetoric and the Sign of Blood in The Faerie Queene II.i." Berkeley-Stanford Conference. University of California, Berkeley. 2016.


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