Max Stevenson

Max Stevenson

Nefeli Caffè
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Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

“Profiling Sanctity in the Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina” (with Evan Wilson), Big Data in Medieval Studies; Trinity College, Dublin. June 2017.

"Punctuating the Letter of the Law in Ælfric's Catholic Homilies," International Congress on Medieval Studies; Kalamazoo, MI. May 2017.

"Regular Meals: Refectory and Reform in Late Anglo-Saxon England," International Medieval Congress; Leeds. July 2016.

"Sweeping Hrothgar's Floor: Fletwerod, Forswapan, and the Function(s) of Humor in Old English Poetry," International Congress on Medieval Studies; Kalamazoo, MI. May 2016.

"Meaning and Materiality in Amalarius of Metz: Bodily Senses," Berkeley/Stanford Graduate Conference; Berkeley, CA. April 2016.

"Canons, Counters, and Collectaria: Reconstructing the Manuscript Contexts of a Sixteenth Century Fragment." Texts and Contexts; Columbus, OH. October 2015.

"Fragmentation and Interpretation in Ohio State's MS.MR.38." Roundtable, 10th Annual Marco Manuscript Workshop; Knoxville, TN. February 2015.

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Fall, 2017
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45A/202 (discussion) Literature in English: Through Milton Introductory Surveys

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