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Maia Yvette Awi Rodriguez

Maia Yvette Awi Rodriguez

Wheeler 331
Wednesday 2 PM- 3 PM

Professional Statement

I specialize in Native American literature, language, and history, as well as environmental theory. My research seeks to integrate the spatial concerns of contemporary border studies and ecocriticism with the materiality of Marxist ecology and use-value. I ask of landed conflicts such as that of Israel-Palestine, US/First Peoples, India/Pakistan, and others: How does land relate to a conception of nationhood or community and, in turn, identity? How has colonization (before and now) utilized or corrupted this relationship for power, and how does post-colonial theory and narrative work to reclaim it? What is the state’s relationship to place, and to resources within its borders? 

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered


Space and Conflict: Mapping Israel-Palestine

”Got Nothing on It”: Land, Nation, and Global Capital

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