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Christopher Chamberlin

Christopher Chamberlin

University of California President's Postdoctoral Fellow

Wheeler 473

Professional Statement

Christopher Chamberlin completed his Ph.D. in Culture and Theory (with graduate emphases in Feminism and Critical Theory) at the University of California, Irvine in 2018. His research and teaching are concentrated in black studies, cultural and literary theory, the medical humanities, and psychoanalysis—particularly its feminist, queer, and trans* traditions. His work examines questions of method, epistemology, and power through the history, literature, and techniques of clinical psychoanalysis.

Currently, Chamberlin is completing research and writing for his first book manuscript, which deploys an archive of Civil Rights Era case histories—in which Freudian psychiatrists and social workers analyzed the unconscious structures of antiblack racism—to develop a new theory of racial subjectivity.

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered


  • "Racism is Structured as a Language: Sexual Difference and the 1943 Detroit Race Riot," Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society (forthcoming).
  • "Can the Real of Slavery Speak?" Discourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture (forthcoming).
  • "Desegregation and the Retreat of Clinical Psychoanalysis," Medical Humanities (forthcoming).
  • "Affective Ankylosis and the Body in Fanon and Capécia," Studies in Gender and Sexuality, vol. 19, no. 2 (2018): 120-132.


  • "From Postcritical Interpretation to Postinterpretative Critique," LACK III: Psychoanalysis and Politics NOW, May 9-11 (2019) (upcoming).
  • "Mental Illness in the Black Power Clinic," American Comparative Literature Association, March 7-10 (2019) (upcoming).
  • "Multiracial Democracy as an Impasse in Formalization," Modern Language Association, January 3-6 (2019).
  • "Fifty Years of Black Rage: Antiblackness Between Culture and Clinic," American Studies Association, November 8-11 (2018).
  • "Structures March in the South: Law and the Sublation of Racial Power," Association for the Study of Law, Culture, and the Humanities, March 16-17 (2018).

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