Berkeley English Graduate Students

Tom Kozlowski

Professional Statement

I'm a person who writes poems and carries broad interests in sense perception, spiritual study, aesthetic experience, and the specturm running from ordinary to extraordinary language. within this constellation I try to interrogate why and how our historical sensory configurations—namely, and at present, Western ocularcentrism—come to shape and delude honest contact with life as it is. most of all, I'm learning how to approach these questions through the filter of my own experience as a predominnatly blind person: what can I learn from my body's situation about the world coordinated within and beyond me? eventually I'd like to bring all this to bear on modernism, that lost opportunity of reparative transformation, but for now I'm happy to take the long way around.

sometimes I blog about stuff over here.  

Current Research

healing; mystical & apophatic experience; epistermology of blindness; Helen Keller the militant secular-spiritual socialist; Wittgenstein's approach to life; Miltonic perception and troubled digestion; poetry as sensory discipline; synesthesia

English Department Classes

No recent courses taught.