Celeste Langan

Celeste Langan

Associate Professor
C54 Hearst Field Annex
Tuesdays 9-11; by appointment


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered


"Education is Our Occupation."  PMLA October 2011.

“The Medium of Romantic Poetry.”  Co-authored with Maureen N. McLane.  Cambridge Companion to British Romantic Poetry.  NY: Cambridge University Press, 2008.


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"Pathologies of Communication from Coleridge to Schreber." South Atlantic Quarterly 102:1 (Winter 2003), p. 117-152.


"Mobility Disability." Public Culture 13:3 (Autumn 2001), p. 459-84.

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Romantic Vagrancy: Wordsworth and the Simulation of Freedom. Cambridge University Press, 1995.




"Mimesis, Diplomacy, Subversion:  Taking Dictation in The Red and the Black."  Vancouver, CA, January 2015.

"Romantic Neutrality:  Bullets, Bulletins, and Don Juan."  Vancouver, CA, August 2010.

Austerlitz and the Future of Propaganda.”   Neuchatel, Switzerland, August 2012.


“Ambiguity and Neutrality circa 1802.”  UC Davis English Department, April 2012.


“Afterlives of Napoleon.”  July 2011, Laramie, WY.

Current Research

"Post-Napoleonism: Imagining Sovereignty After 1799"

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