The Program

In order to complete the Ph.D. Program in English, students need to take a number of required and elective courses, demonstrate either proficiency in two foreign languages or an advanced knowledge of one, pass a qualifying examination, and complete a dissertation prospectus and a dissertation.  For more detailed information on these requirements, including a link to download the Handbook for Graduate Study in English, can be found here

In addition to required department coursework, students can also apply to pursue Designated Emphases or Concurrent Degrees in a number of different fields:

Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory

Designated Emphasis in European Studies

Designated Emphasis in Film and Media Studies

Designated Emphasis in Folklore

Designated Emphasis in Indigenous Language Revitalization

Designated Emphasis in Jewish Studies

Designated Empahsis in New Media

Designated Emphasis in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies

Designated Emphasis in Science and Technology Studies

Designated Emphasis in Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Concurrent Ph.D. in Medieval Studies