Summer with Berkeley English

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Being an English major feels like I'm at the cornerstone of the humanities. Whenever I tell people I majored in books, they also look at me with some sort of romantic jealously and it never gets old.

—Gabi Maudiere

I have known since the sixth grade that I wanted to be an English major, but I never thought that the experience would have been as amazing as it has.

—Olivia Colson

Because of the English department, I've made life long connections with people I never imagined I'd even meet.

—Danielle Mendoza

The English department has broadened my knowledge of literature and the world.

—Miguel Angel Ceja Prado

I have repeatedly found that English professors are the most understanding professors, and the only ones who demonstrate their own vulnerability and humanity, and comprehend that students are also only human.

—Rachel Blanchard

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