To be eligible to declare a major in English, the student must have completed:

  1. at least 30 units
  2. the L & S Reading and Composition requirement
  3. two of the following major course requirements (with a letter grade):  
  • First course must be either English 45A or 45B
  • Second course must be either English 45A, 45B, 45C, 90, or Shakespeare

NOTE: if you are currently taking the course and do not have a letter grade just yet, we cannot declare you. Please wait until you receive a letter grade. To check, go to the MyAcademics tab located in CalCentral.

How to Declare

To declare a major in English, students will need to fill out the English Major Declaration form after they have met the requirements and received a letter grade for the courses required. Students who have taken all coursework towards their major at UC Berkeley (and have received a letter grade) do not need to bring anything with them. Students who are articulating coursework from other colleges or universities should confirm that their transcripts are uploaded to CalCentral prior to declaring the English Major (You can confirm this by looking under "My Academics" at the Transfer Credit Report, which should show all of your articulated coursework. If your articulated coursework is not available on the "Transfer Credit Report" on CalCentral, please wait until it has been uploaded into CalCentral before declaring.)

After declaring, English majors should meet periodically with an adviser to monitor their course of study.