What is an elective for the English major?

A majority of 4 unit classes in the English department count for the elective requirement. The only 4 unit classes that do not count as electives would be 45 series courses, or any R1A/R1B courses. Courses that fulfill other requirements (Pre-1800 Requirement, Shakespeare, Research Seminar) can be taken as electives once the original requirement has been completed. Make sure to keep in mind that 7 out of 12 of your courses must be upper-division when choosing your electives.

Can I take any classes pass/not pass?

45A, 45B, 45C, Shakespeare, the Pre-1800’s course, the Literatures in English course, and the research seminar are required of all majors and must be taken for a letter grade. Students may take up to two electives for the major pass/not pass.

How do I find out what classes are being offered each semester?

Course descriptions can be found each semester in the Berkeley Academic Guide. It is available on-line one week before enrollment begins for the upcoming semester.

How do I apply for Creative Writing classes? When are the applications posted?

Creative Writing (fall and spring) applications are available once the Schedule of Classes is posted; a link for the application can be found within the description for each creative writing course.

How do I apply for the Honors Course? When are applications posted?

Honors Course (in spring only) applications become available in April; a link for the application can be found within the description for H195A course. Please review the Honors page for more details.

Is there a limit to how many summer courses I can take toward my requirements?

Yes. Two 4-unit Summer Session courses taken at UCB may be counted toward the major, one of which must be taken through the English Department. One of these courses may be taken at another institution with approval. This includes courses taken through an education abroad program. Courses taken through the English Department at UCB during summer session do not require Major Adviser approval. For courses taken elsewhere (or outside the department – see below), students must petition for approval by providing documentation, including a course syllabus and a transcript showing the completion of the course. A course taken elsewhere during the summer may only satisfy an elective for the major.

Can I take any of the requirements online? Can I take any of the requirements through UC Extension?

The English Department does not offer online courses. Only one UC Berkeley Extension or on-line course may be petitioned to count toward the major. No UC Berkeley Extension or on-line course may be used to satisfy a core requirement for the major: 45A/45B/45C (or their upper-division equivalents), Shakespeare, the Pre-1800 course, or the seminar requirement. To count toward the major, UC Berkeley Extension or on-line courses must be comparable in coverage, rigor, and substance to department courses. Students seeking to count a UC Extension or on-line course toward the major should submit course materials and other relevant documentation to an English Department Major Adviser or to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Are there any course equivalents for the 45 series?

Yes. With approval and in consultation with a Major Adviser, the 45A-B-C requirements may be satisfied by substituting for each course two appropriate upper-division courses. To meet the 45B and 45C requirements, one course equivalent must be in American literature and one must be in British literature in the appropriate historical periods. Any and all courses used to satisfy the 45A, B, & C requirements must be taken for a letter grade.

When is the English Department Commencement?

The English Department has one Commencement Ceremony a year in the spring semester. Students who complete their major and university requirements are eligible to participate in this ceremony. There is an additional University-wide Commencement Ceremony in the fall and spring should students wish to attend.

Can I petition UC Berkeley classes outside of the English department to count for my major?

Yes, students may petition to count up to two upper division courses taken outside of the English Department. To submit a petition, please use the online petition form here: Petition for Courses Outside the UC Berkeley English Department. Please keep in mind that students majoring in English are expected to complete the majority of their coursework within the UC Berkeley English Department. Transfer courses and extra-departmental coursework combined should constitute no more than 5 courses total. Transfer students who have completed major requirements via transfer coursework will need to be mindful of the 5-course limit if they are interested in petitioning for extra-departmental course credit UC Berkeley.

Do I need to fill out any forms to graduate?

No. You will be on the degree list for your Expected Graduation Term, as indicated in CalCentral. For more information on this, please visit the Office of the Registrar's Transcripts and Diplomas page.