Brief Nudity


Philip Larkin wrote of the moment in life when our "innate assumptions" and daily habits "Suddenly harden into all we've got." This beautifully written memoir dwells in that moment, its call to self-judgment, its unexpected openness to possibility. Brief Nudity will please and instruct all who are starting to think about their own aging. --Alan Williamson, author of Almost a Girl: Male Writers and Female Identification

Brief Nudity is a beautifully articulated exploration of the writer's space and the milestones of his life. Photographs, cancelled checks, the shelf of his mother's books, the trove of love letters...evocative as these items may be, there are no infinities here, but instead a graceful acceptance of possibilities unrealized, stories untold. --Starling Lawrence, author of The Lightning Keeper

Thomas Farber shares his writing, loves, life and cottage over thirty years, shares them so powerfully, unafraid, and straight from his heart that I'm still walking around in their glow. --Ella Thorp Ellis, author of The Year of My Indian Prince

Publication date: 
April 1, 2009
Publication type: 
Creative nonfiction