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Hugh Macrae Richmond

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Professional Statement

My current activity in research and teaching is chiefly concerned with the history of Shakespeare performance, as reflected in  Shakespeare's Theatre: a Dictionary of His Stage Context (Continuum International, 2002, 2004, and on the internet by Credo Reference) and in the website at: This website has just (August  2016) been thoroughl;y revised and restructured. My full personal bibliography can be found on that site. Similar updating has been completed in the site devoted to performances of John Milton at .Recently some of this material has been consolidated into a book entitled Shakespeare's Tragedies Reviewed: a Spectator's Role, published by Peter Lang on August 30  2015. Peter Lang will also publish in February 2018 an anthology of my Shakespeare essays over the last fifty years under the title Shakespeare Relocated: Studies in Historical Psychology. Fuller versions of my recent research can be found in my entry on the site



Title Fields
Shakespeare's Audiences Shakespeare's Audiences
This material is co-ordinated with the website's performance bibliographies at in a series of essays about the performance history of individual Shakespeare plays, matching the images in the site's performance galleries. The site has been revised and updated, including revision of this data, stressing the remarkable parallelism between the theatre of Shakesp....
Shakespeare's Tragedies Re-Viewed: a Spectator's Role Shakespeare's Tragedies Re-Viewed: a Spectator's Role
My sequence of essays on Shakespeare's audiences has been consolidated into a print version in press at Peter Lang which was published on 30 August 2015 under the title: Shakespeare's Tragedies Re-Viewed: a Spectator's Role. It radically revises interpretation of the tragedies in the light of audience approval, as dictated by Lope de Vega in his witty poetic treatise On the New Art of Writing Play....

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

“Shakespeare’s Navarre” in Shakespeare Criticism (Gale), vol. 137 (2011), 254-316


 “Paradise Lost as Oral Epic,” in Approaches to Teaching Milton's Paradise Lost,  Second Edition.  Editor: Peter C. Herman. New York:  Modern Languages Association, 2012, pp. 192-6.


"Romeo and Juliet: Shakespeare vs. Lope de Vega," Shakespeare Newsletter, 61.3 (Winter, 2012), pp. 81, 92, 116-7. [Originally presented at I.S.A., Prague, 2011]

"Shakespeare in Performance," Shakespeare Forum (UCB English Ug. Soc.) Maude Fife Room, 19 April, 2014.


“Challenges and Rewards for Digital Humanities” World Shakespeare Congress. Stratford & London (Globe Playhouse & London University) 6 August, 3.45-5.15, 2016.

"Guide to Internet Resources: Teaching Shakespeare's Hisrtories Using the Internet."  Approaches to Teaching Shakespeare's History Plays. Ed. Laurie Ellinghausen, New Yok. MLA, 2017. Pp.205-11.

Current Research

I am currently working on several projects:

(1) With MLA on a commisioned article about internet applications to Shakespeare's history plays.

(2) A commissioned essay on "Shakespeare's Mother(s)"

(3) A commissioned essay on "Milton for Millenials"

(4) A collection of essays entitled "Shakespeare Relocated: Studies in Historical Psychology"

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