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Jasper Bernes

Jasper Bernes


421 Wheeler
Wednesday 1:30-4:30

Professional Statement

Jasper Bernes specializes in 20th-century American literature, with an emphasis on postwar poetry and poetics, Marxism, and political economy. His first book, The Work of Art in the Age of Deindustrialization (Stanford UP, forthcoming), attends to the role poetry and art play in the postindustrial restructuring of labor. He is also the author of two books of poetry, Starsdown (2007)and We Are Nothing and So Can You (2015).

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

"Art, Work, Endlessness: Flarf and Conceptual Poetry among the Trolls," Critical Inquiry 42.4 (Summer, 2016)

"John Ashbery's Free Indirect Discourse." Modern Language Quarterly 74.4 (December, 2013)


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