Cecil S. Giscombe

Cecil S. Giscombe

Wheeler Hall, room 417
Spring 2018: not in residence



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Prairie Style Prairie Style
Prairie Style is about the breakdown of location and voice. It lays out a landscape of habitations (Frank Lloyd Wright's designs for "servantless families," fox dens in an embankment, the two-mile long face of Chicago's Robert Taylor public housing project, etc.) and crosses and recrosses the line between poetry and prose. The book is an acknowledgement of the "terrible frankness" of color, pleas....

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

Forthcoming books--2014, 2015--include Ohio Railroads (a poem in essay form) and Border Towns (essays having to do wth poetry). Earlier books include Prairie Style (2008), Into and Out of Dislocation (2000), Giscome Road (1998), etc.  Poetry and prose reprinted in Best American Poetry, Oxford Anthology of African American Poetry, Norton Anthology of Postmodern American Poetry, Bluesprint: Black British Columbia Literature and Orature, and elsewhere.


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