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Celeste Langan

Celeste Langan

Associate Professor

Wheeler Hall, room 425
M 3-5; also by appointment

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered


"Education is Our Occupation."  PMLA October 2011.

“The Medium of Romantic Poetry.”  Co-authored with Maureen N. McLane.  Cambridge Companion to British Romantic Poetry.  NY: Cambridge University Press, 2008.

“Venice.” In Romantic Metropolis:  The Urban Scene of British Culture 1780-1840.  NY: Cambridge University Press, 2005.

“Scotch Drink and Irish Harps:  Mediations of the National Air.”  In The Figure of Music in Nineteenth=Century British Poetry.  Ashgate, 2005.

"Pathologies of Communication from Coleridge to Schreber." South Atlantic Quarterly 102:1 (Winter 2003), p. 117-152.

"Mobility Disability." Public Culture 13:3 (Autumn 2001), p. 459-84.

"Understanding Media in 1805: Audiovisual Hallucination in The Lay of the Last Minstrel. Studies in Romanticism 40:1 (Spring 2001), p. 49-70.

Romantic Vagrancy: Wordsworth and the Simulation of Freedom. Cambridge University Press, 1995.



"Under Arrest:  Transport and Security (Excitation and Citation)" Plenary lecture, "Transporting Romanticism" Conference, Wellington, NZ, February 2017

"Mimesis, Diplomacy, Subversion:  Taking Dictation in The Red and the Black."  Vancouver, CA, January 2015.

Austerlitz and the Future of Propaganda.”   Neuchatel, Switzerland, August 2012.

The Ambiguity and/of Neutrality:  Poetry and Free Speech circa 1800. ” UC Davis English Department, April 2012.

"Romantic Neutrality:  Bullets, Bulletins, and Don Juan."  Vancouver, CA, August 2010.

“Afterlives of Napoleon.”  July 2011, Laramie, WY.

Current Research
"Post-Napoleonism: Imagining Sovereignty After 1799"

Recent English Courses Taught
fall, 2020


Introduction to Literary Theory: Free Speech, in Theory


Honors Course

spring, 2020


Romantic Period

fall, 2019


Literature and Disability


Research Seminar: Literature on Trial: Romanticism, Law, Justice

spring, 2019


The Romantic Period: Romantic Voices

fall, 2018


Introduction to Literary Theory: Free Speech, in Theory


Special Topics: Literature and Media Theory

spring, 2018


Research Seminar: Trials of Literature: Romanticism, Justice, and the Law