Thomas Farber

Thomas Farber

Senior Lecturer
Wheeler Hall, room 476
by appt weds 1:45-2:45 in my office; and weds 6-7 @106 mulford hall

Professional Statement

Besides my books—short fiction, novels, creative nonfiction, the epigrammatic, and screenplays—I'm Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of El Leon Literary Arts, an independent nonprofit press ( with 36 titles thus far, two by former students in this department.




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no cover uploaded yet Here and Gone
Turning seventy, author Thomas Farber appraises the writing life, aging, love, his own fate, and ours.   Thomas Farber's writing has always been characterized by the tension between the concision of its execution and the immensity of its concerns. Here and Gone is brief, elegant and deeply moving. Intellectually omnivorous and agile, it is also as expansive, funny and full of life as only a book ....
Foregone Conclusions: Equivoques, Aperçus, Spars & Catarrhs Foregone Conclusions: Equivoques, Aperçus, Spars & Catarrhs
Epigram: a terse observation aspiring to the universal and irreducible. Generally about human foible or fate. Relies on paradox, hyperbole, or wordplay to compel a flash of recognition. Kissing cousin of axioms, parables, maxims, apothegms, and Zen koans.....
Brief Nudity Brief Nudity
Philip Larkin wrote of the moment in life when our "innate assumptions" and daily habits "Suddenly harden into all we've got." This beautifully written memoir dwells in that moment, its call to self-judgment, its unexpected openness to possibility. Brief Nudity will please and instruct all who are starting to think about their own aging. --Alan Williamson, author of Almost a Girl: Male Writers an....
A Lover's Quarrel: On Writing and the Writing Life A Lover's Quarrel: On Writing and the Writing Life
Collecting Thomas Farber's nonfiction on writing and the writing life, A Lover's Quarrel contains this gifted author's meditation on his vocation. Anatomist, ironist, and moralist, Farber achieves effects of luminous integrity with deceptively simple means. A gift to writers who seek to understand what informs and haunts their métier, A Lover's Quarrel is also for any readers whose lives have bee....

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

Here and Gone (October, 2015)

The End of My Wits (2013)

Brief Nudity (2009)

Akule (with photographer Wayne Levin, 2010)

Current Research

Writing memoir, the epigrammatic, nonfiction about ocean and South Pacific islands, and about salsa--Cuban music and dance.

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Spring, 2019
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243N/1 Prose Nonfiction Writing Workshop Creative Writing Workshops
Graduate Courses
Spring, 2017
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243N/1 Prose Nonfiction Writing Workshop: Creative Nonfiction Creative Writing Workshops

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